Torah Portion Bechukatai: Lev 26:3 27:34.

Bechukatai is Hebrew for in My statutes.  This is the last Torah portion in the Book of Leviticus.

Summary of Bechukatai:  The Torah tells us that if we follow G-ds statutes and commandments, then we will have rain in its season and agricultural abundance.  We will have peace; even the evil beasts will leave the land.  There will be no wars in the Promised Land; few of our soldiers will chase out many of theirs.  We will be fruitful and multiply, and we will have G-ds covenant; G-d will set a tabernacle among the Hebrews and there will be a bilateral relationship: YHVH will be the G-d of the Hebrews and the Hebrews will be YHVHs people.  On the other hand, if the Children do not listen to G-d and to abhor the laws and commandments, the Covenant is broken.   There will be terror, illness, war, famine, and seven times more plagues than the sins committed by the people.  The Hebrews will be scattered among the nations. Their cities and land will be destroyed.  However, G-d will remember the covenant with the Abraham  the land and the people will eventually be redeemed.  The Torah portion ends with vows of dues to the sanctuary, with the fee schedule provided (50 shekels for a male 20-60 years old, 30 for a comparable female, etc.).   Tithing is holy (literally: separate) for YHVH, with a statement that these are the commandments that YHVH gave to Moses at Mt. Sinai.