Torah Portion Ha'azinu, Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52  

Ha'azinu is Hebrew for "Give ear" (as in "listen").  It is a song that Moses recites in the presence of all the Children of Israel.

This entire Torah portion is one song.  It deals with the major theological themes of the Book of Deuteronomy: G-d is all powerful, the Children of Israel will fail, but G-d will redeem us.  Here is a summary:

Section 1. Verses 46:  After the introduction, verses 4 - 6 deal with the greatness of G-d  (referred to as The Rock).  And that any evil in the world can be attributed to humanity.

Section 2. Verses 714: How G-d took care of Jacob and his descendants

Section 3. Verses 15-18: How the descendants of Jacob became corrupt.

Section 4. Verses 19-21: How G-d turned G-ds back to the heretics.

Section 5. Verses 22-25: G-ds anger rose against Israel .

Section 6. Verses 26-38: G-d will recant the Holy wrath because G-d doesnt want the heathens to take credit for it. 

Section 7.  Verses 3943: G-d is the true G-d who will destroy the enemies and provide atonement.