Torah portion Kedoshim Lev 19:1 – 20:27

Kedoshim is Hebrew for “holies” and it deals with the holiness codes.

Summary of Kiddushim:  The moral laws are listed in this Torah portion, among them: restatements of some of the 10 Commandments (honoring parents, keeping the Sabbath, avoidance of idol worship, etc.), but also destroying leftovers after the third day, leaving gleanings of the fields for the poor, pay a servant, treat the handicapped with honor (no cursing the deaf nor placing stumbling blocks before the blind), treat people equally in court regardless of social status, do not carry gossip, “you shall love neighbor as yourself” (Lev 19:18).  The laws including planting fruit trees in the Promised Land, but not eating the fruit until the fifth year; no soothsayers or diviners; do not cut your flesh or tattoos as a sign of mourning; do not make your daughter a harlot; show respect for the elderly; treat strangers with respect; have honest weights and measures; penalties for the various forms of Molech worship; the people are holy; and diviners are to be put to death.