Torah Portion Terumah  Ex 25:1 – 27:19

Terumah is Hebrew for “gift” or “elevated offering.”)  Here is the title in context, Ex 25:1-2:

And YHVH to Moses, saying, “Speak to the Children of Israel and they will take for me a gift from every man who is generous in his heart, you will take My gift.”

Summary:  This Torah portion provides G-d’s instructions for the items necessary for worship.  There is list of the fifteen materials necessary to build the tabernacle in the wilderness (minerals, skins and cloths, oil, spices, and stones).  We also are provided with the enumeration of the items to be built, and their building plans, specifically: the Ark of the Covenant to hold the 10 Commandments including its elaborate cover with two carved cherubim, the table for the Showbread to hold 12 loaves (representing the 12 tribes),  a lampstand (menorah) with 7 cups for lights, the tabernacle itself, an altar for animal sacrifice (note: next week we will get the description for the incense altar).   The description of how to make the items is very detailed and very specific.