Torah Portion Va'yetzei: Gen 28:10 Ė 32:3

Va'yetzei is Hebrew for "And he went."  It refers to Jacob's departure to Harran to escape Esau.

Synopsis: Jacob has escaped from his twin brother, Esau.  On the way to Haran, his motherís homeland, he dreams of angels going up and down a ladder that leads to the heavens.  It is an omen and he negotiates a safe journey with YHVH with the promise that YHVH will be his God.  In Haran, he meets the beautiful Rachel, his cousin.  Her father Laban, promises her in marriage after 7 years of servitude.  On the morning after Jacobís wedding, he discovers that Laban switched Rachel for her older sister Leah, whom he did not like.  After a week of marriage to Leah, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel, but he must serve an additional 7 years.  Jacobs also tends Labanís flocks.  20 years after Jacob arrives in Haran, he departs with his two wives, his two concubines, their 11 sons, 1 daughter, and most of Labanís sheep and goats.  Laban pursues them (Rachel also took his household idols).  Jacob and Laban make peace.